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 The Logo Creator contains it's HUGE library of 400+ pre-done marketing templates and over 500 graphic elements that are EASY (and fun) to customize, you'll be creating unlimited eye-catching graphics for your webpages, blogs, Facebook pages and more!
Pat Flanagan
"I've used Photoshop practically since it was born ...but I really appreciate how Laughingbird Software products help me save time when I need something quickly.
... and man! The output is beautiful!"

Co-Creator of FlipRepeat
Walt Bayliss

Creator of Hydravid Video Marketing Software
Rick Barker
Marc, your software is a time and game changer for us. We tried Canva, Photoshop, even some of the free apps like Gimp. All of them were very confusing and nothing got it right the first time, until we found your program

Founder of  Music Industry Blueprint
Every week, I create video tutorials for users of
The Logo Creator
Here's a few of them showing the power of The Logo Creator software:
Using The Logo Creator, These Amazing Marketing Images Were Created In Seconds... How Cool Is That?
... create logos!
... create and print Business Cards!
... use the people images to create compelling ads and page headers!
Want to create unlimited  Facebook timeline graphics?
How would you like to create your OWN custom marketing mascots?
...Create All of this with ZERO Coding, ZERO Design Skills and ZERO Headaches...
We built this so you can hit the ground running FAST and focus on your business and stop struggling to create high-converting marketing pages...
DRAG & DROP onto the Canvas
The canvas editor lets you literally drag and drop your way to marketing success. The intuitive interface turns you into a marketing master...
We have a HUGE, ever-growing library of proven marketing graphics that you can load into any page in seconds and adapt as you see fit...
Customer Love - instantly!
Not only will The Logo Creator help you explode your business by making you look simply awesome, it'll help you save a fortune in extortionate designer fees... Best of both worlds!
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The Logo Creator by Laughingbird Software
Over 400 logo templates • Business Card Templates • 100's of people images • Facebook timeline graphics • AND you can create your own marketing mascot character!
includes amazing business card templates!
The ability to create your own marketing mascots characters!
100's of people images and templates!
... and Facebook timeline graphics!
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The Logo Creator by Laughingbird Software
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